What is this page for?


This page allows you as Tenderer and Consultant, Government Owned Enterprise, and Media people to ‘Register’ on to the national e-GP Portal of Bangladesh. Before you submit your registration request, please  note the following points:


Key Points to Remember!!

  • Only 1 (one) Person is allowed to be authorized as an  ‘Organization Admin’ and be  registered on to the e-GP Portal.
  • For verification, legal authorization document issued by the appropriate authority in favor of such person, along with other mandatory documents (please see clicking ‘Mandatory Registration Documents’ under Resources head in left side below), will be required to submit.
  • In case of ‘Individual’ or ‘Proprietorship Firms’, a self declaration will be required.
  • A valid e-mail ID registered in your name and presently being used by you is required.
  • With this e-mail ID, when you complete the first step of registration, you will receive an e-mail verification message from the system.
  • Only after your e-mail is verified, you can continue with the registration process.
  • Your e-mail ID cannot be changed at later stage/date. This e-mail ID verified by the e-GP system will be your e-GP Login ID to enter and use the e-GP Portal.
  • Unless you share your password with someone, it is not possible for anyone to know the same. Therefore, you must not share your Login ID/Password as per e-GP ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • National web Portal URL is:
  • You may need to open the web browser using IE 8.0 or higher version or Mozilla 3.6 or its higher version.(you can see the link given in the page)


What are the Steps to follow for Registration?


For Registration, you may see the ‘Registration Workflow’ by clicking on the button. It will guide you how to register. You can also take the help from e-GP Manual.


Step 1: Fill the Profile/Form as required by specifying relevant details and selecting relevant options.

Step 2: Read the e-GP Terms and Conditions and Accept.
Step 3: Click on the ‘Submit’ button.


How start the Registration Process?

  • Type your unique e-mail ID you are using. This will be your ‘Log in ID’.
  • Specify a password. You can use Alphabets and numeric mix, blank space, special characters, like #, $, @, e.g., apple 2009. However, the password should not be less than 8 characters.
  • Remember the password you used. Please see the example below:



Valid / Invalid





Less than 8 characters




Only alphabets. Should contain numbers also.




Only number. Should contain alphabets also.




Matches the required criteria of 8 characters and also contains alphabets, umbers, special character and space.

  • Reconfirm your password by typing the password again. For example, if you use password ‘Apple @2009’, you need to type ‘Apple @2009’ again.
  • Select a hint question from the given combo and give answer. Please remember the ‘answer’ you are given. This will help you to reset the password, if you forget. For example, if select a hint question ‘what is your mother maiden name?’ and you answer ‘Amena’, you should memorize and remember ‘Amena’. If you forget your e-mail ID, system will show your ‘Hint Question’. If you can remember and type the hint answer ‘Amena’ that you had typed at the time of registration, it will be verified by the system and you will be allowed to access to your account again.
  • Select your nationality from the given combo. Only one country can be selected at a time. By default Bangladesh will display.
  • Select the registration type from the given combo. If you like to be registered asTenderer/ Consultant, select it. If you want to be registered as Individual Consultant, select it and so on.
  • Be informed that, this type of registration doesn’t ensure you that you will be able to participate in particular tendering process as there are other criteria to be fulfilled.
  • You have to specify your country of Business, where you have your registered office.
  • View the ‘Captcha code’ & type it in the given box. If the text in not clear, click on ‘Refresh’ button. You can also hear the captcha code. Type it correctly.
  • Please note that  Captcha code is used to prevent automated system registering on e-GP Portal & to differentiate between human & machine.
  • Go through e-GP Portal ‘Terms & Conditions’ & click the ‘Check box’ to accept. If you do not accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’, your registration request will not be entertained.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button to save data on the e-GP Portal to complete part 1 of the registration process.
  • If you click on ‘Reset’ button, all data that you have typed so far, will be flushed &  a blank form will be generated browser.




Submit– Data will be saved, if any mandatory field is missing, system will highlight the same.
Reset - This will flush all filled data & show you a blank form.


Important Note:

  • Once your registration form is successfully submitted, e-GP system will send you an e-mail verification message to the e-mail ID you have specified.  The e-GP system can take a few seconds to minutes to send the e-mail to your e-mail account. Please check your e-mail account and follow the instructions given in the message.
  • Please note that you need to confirm your e-mail ID within 72 hours from the time of registration by clicking the URL given. If you do not confirm within that period, your registration request will be cancelled. In that case, you have to start the registration process afresh.
  • The first person who will register to the e-GP Portal from the company will automatically become the Company's Admin user. He/She can create the internal user Login account for the company.
  • e-GP server will not store your Login password that you specified but it will store Hash of the password in database. Unless you share your password with someone, it is not possible for anyone to know the same. Therefore, you must not share your Login ID/Password as per e-GP ‘Terms and Conditions’


Next step, once you submit the Profile/Form!!


Receive/View e-mail form e-GP Portal


Once your form is successfully submitted, you will receive an e-mail from e-GP portal. The content of the e-mail will be as follows;

  • Your Login ID
  • Password (not shown)
  • Verification code (It will be a secret code the e-GP system will provide)


Other information

  • Your e-mail ID
  • Your Log in ID
  • Your Hint Question you have selected
  • Your Hint Answer you have given
  • Your Nationality
  • Your Registration Type
  • Your Country of Business


Some hyper links will also been shown for completing e-mail verification


Things you should do once you receive an e-mail from e-GP Portal!!

  • Save this e-mail for future reference, please do not share this e-mail with anyone.
  • Click on hyperlink to complete e-mail verification within 72 hours from the time of submission of form, if you do not do it.
  • Read instructions as to how Registration fee is to be paid. Do the needful.
  • Complete the Registration process within 7 days from the date of e-mail verification. If you fail, you have to start the Registration process again from the beginning.
  • Add e-GP e-mail ID in safe sender list such a way that your e-mail service provider does not mark it as ‘spam’. Read your e-mail ‘Help manual’ or talk to your networking vendor or e-mail service provider for the same.