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e-GP service level parameters (In ideal situation):

Item Performance Standard / Response Times

Screen Navigation: field-to-field < 5 milliseconds
Screen Navigation: screen-to-screen < 3 seconds
Screen Refresh < 2 seconds
Screen list box, combo box < 2 seconds
Screen grid – 25 rows, 10 columns < 3 seconds
Report preview – (all reports) – initial page view (if asynchronous) < 60 seconds in most instances. It is understood that complicated / large volume reports may require a longer period
Simple search – single table, 5 fields, 3 conditions – without screen rendering < 3 seconds for 100,000 rows
Complex search – multiple joined table (5), 10 fields, 3 conditions – without screen rendering < 5 seconds for 100,000 rows
Loading pages < 3 seconds
Saving a record < 5 seconds
Login, authentication, and verification < 5 seconds

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